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Interactive Data Exploration
SAS/INSIGHT software, a component of the SAS System, is a dynamic tool for exploring and analyzing your data. With it you can examine univariate distributions, visualize multivariate data, and fit models using regression, analysis of variance, and the generalized linear model.
With SAS/INSIGHT software, all graphs and analyses are dynamic. Spin a three-dimensional plot to explore your data. Click on points to identify them. Add and remove model effects as fast as you can evaluate them.
All graphs and analyses are linked. Brush observations in one window and they are highlighted in all windows. Color a point in one graph and it receives the same color in all displays. Exclude an observation from calculations, and all analyses recalculate automatically.
Dynamically linked graphs and analyses make it easy to find patterns in your data. Once a pattern is spotted, powerful modeling facilities enable you to quickly build models and analyze relationships.
Explore Your Data Easily
SAS/INSIGHT software displays SAS data sets in tabular form. Use the data window to enter new data values, sort and search the data, extract subsets, and open as many data sets as you like. Point and click to create exploratory graphics including box plots, histograms, scatter plots, mosaic plots, overlaid line plots, and 3-D rotating plots.
Compute descriptive statistics and correlations to confirm numerically the relationships you find visually. For high-dimensional data, plot principal components in two or three dimensions to understand the structure of your data.
Find the Best Model Quickly
When you have identified potential relationships in your data, test your ideas with powerful modeling facilities. Fit polynomial curves with confidence bands, kernel estimates, smoothing splines, and loess smoothers. All curves are dynamically adjustable with slider controls.
Fit linear models with classification effects for analysis of variance and analysis of covariance. Choose response distributions and link functions to fit logistic regression. Poisson regression, and other generalized linear models. With a few keystrokes you can add and remove model effects--quickly creating as many models as you like.
Check Model Assumptions Efficiently
Evaluate your models using summary statistics, analysis of variance, parameter estimates, and collinearity diagnostics. Create residual-by-predicted plots to diagnose nonconstant error variance and identify outliers. Use partial leverage plots to examine changes in the residuals for the model with and without each explanatory variable.
To detect influential observations, plot influence diagnostic variables including hat diagonal, standardized and studentized residuals, Cook's D, Dffits, Covratio, and Dfbetas. To check distribution of residuals, create dynamic histograms, box plots, quantile-quantile, and CDF plots. Test for normal, lognormal, exponential, and Weibull distributions using Kolmogorov's D statistic.
Put SAS/INSIGHT Software to the Test
Because SAS/INSIGHT software is a component of the SAS System, you can use it to explore output from any SAS procedure--and you can use any SAS procedure to analyze results from SAS/INSIGHT software. Use grammar statements to keep records of your work--or to analyze results from other SAS System components.
Dynamic graphics, advanced modelling, and integration with the SAS System make SAS/INSIGHT software a powerful tool for data analysis. The easily learned, point-and-click interface enables you to achieve results quickly.

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SAS / Insight软件,一个SAS系统的组成部分,是一个探索和分析数据的有力工具。 有了它你可以检查单变量分布,多元数据的可视化,并符合使用回归模型,方差分析和广义线性模型。
与SAS / Insight软件,所有图形和分析是动态的。 旋转三维图,探索您的数据。 穴位按一下,以确定他们。 添加和删除模型效果尽快您可以评估它们。
所有的图表和分析联系在一起的 。 刷在一个窗口的意见,他们指出,在所有窗口。 颜色在一个图点,该机构获得的所有显示器相同的颜色。 从计算中排除的观察,分析和所有自动重新计算。
动态链接的图表和分析,可以很容易地找到您的数据模式。 一旦发现模式,强大的建模设施,使您可以快速建立模型和分析的关系。
的SAS /有识之士表格软件显示的SAS数据集。 使用数据窗口输入新的数据值,排序和搜索数据,提取子集,并打开多个数据集,而且你喜欢。 点,然后点击创建包括盒式图,直方图,散点图,镶嵌图,覆盖线阴谋探索图形,和3 - D旋转阴谋。
计算描述性统计和相关性,以确认数值之间的关系找到视觉。 对于高维数据,二维或三维图主要组成部分,了解你的数据结构。
当您发现您的数据的潜在的关系,测试设备与强大的建模你的想法。 多项式曲线拟合有信心带,内核估计,平滑样条和黄土修平。 所有曲线与动态调整滑块控制。
与方差和协方差分析,分类分析,线性模型拟合效果。 选择响应分布和链接功能,以适应logistic回归。 Poisson回归,和其他广义线性模型。 希望与敲几下键盘,您可以添加和删除模型效果-快速尽可能多的模式建立。
评估您的模型使用汇总统计,方差分析,参数估计,并共线诊断。 创建由残余预测的图谋诊断非恒定误差方差和识别异常值。 部分地块使用杠杆的审查与模型的残差变化,没有每一个解释变量。
为了检测有影响力的意见,情节影响对角线包括帽子,规范化,学生化残差诊断变量,库克的D,Dffits,Covratio和Dfbetas。 要检查的残差分布,创建动态直方图,盒式图,分位数,位数,和民防部队阴谋。 测试正常,对数正态分布,指数分布和Weibull利用柯尔莫哥洛夫的D统计。
提出的SAS / Insight软件的测试
由于SAS / Insight软件是SAS系统组件,您可以使用它来研究任何的SAS过程的输出-你可以使用任何的SAS程序来分析结果的SAS / Insight软件。 使用语法语句来保持你的工作记录-或者从其他的SAS分析系统部件的结果。
动态图形,先进的建模,并结合了SAS系统使得SAS / Insight软件用于数据分析的有力工具。 在易学,指向和点击界面使您能够迅速取得成果。

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